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All About Vasai Virar
Touched by a dream!
... placed close to the town!
Welcome to our small community -   Vasai - Virar
Nature has a habit of tempting and tantalising you, and literally supplying wings to your imagination, but Vasai, where nature, religion and history share an easy camaraderie, lets your head in the clouds without letting your feet stray too far from the ground. The vast water stretches in this region lure you with a promise of dreamy, somnolent afternoons, punctuated with greedy gulps of cool sweat todi, even as the temple up on the hill blesses all who make the effort to reach its sanctum.

This beautiful country side has long tried to please all comers, be it the Portuguese or the recent new settlers from town. It also has many varied and striking features such as not seen in any other place.
One side we have the best of nascent beaches and on the other. . . . . lush green hills!
We have here the hurried urbanite executive class, and also the humble native folks.
This is a place to easily come across a yuppie modern dude and then reach out to a lad who is yet to make his first visit to the city!
Churches you will find many, also temples are in abundance. The sermons are read in marathi and the temples display boards in english! All faiths equal, we never had a fight. Colonial bungalows, humble native dwellings and ultra modern residential complexes all dwelling in proper rhythm.

Originally known as Vesalé in Sanskrit. The Muslim sovereigns renamed it Baxay, the Portuguese christened it Bancaim, and the Marathas called it Bajipur. British reffered it as Bassein. Today, our community is better known as Vasai - Virar. Welcome to our community.
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